Transforming Anger into Empowerment

Every one of us has experienced anger at some point in our lives. It is a very natural and important emotion and yet so many of us try to suppress it. Why is that? Most of us have been taught that it just isn’t socially acceptable to be angry. If we expressed it in a healthy way it would be acceptable. We just haven’t learned how.

Anger is simply meant to be a message for you to change something in your life or to set your boundaries.
If you acknowledge it and own it, it won’t hurt anyone, not even you. The moment you say “I am really angry right now”, it begins to dissolve. Anger comes from the voice of your inner child who wants the best for you. If you don’t listen, your inner child just gets louder and louder. One day you won’t be able to hold it in anymore and a volcanic eruption takes place. This is not the healthiest way to express anger. It can be hurtful and even scary.

We usually think we are angry about what others do to us or expect of us. Deeper down we are really angry at ourselves for allowing things we don’t like or want.
How many times has someone asked you for help and you simply said “yes” out of a sense of obligation or a need to be loved?
Later you realize that you don’t have enough time in the day to do all the things you have committed to.
It is ok to change your mind and say “I would love to help however, my plate is already full.”
People will really come to respect you when you are real and speak your truth even if they aren’t happy that you said no.

So what is your Anger really trying to tell you?
The only place in my life that I used to feel powerful was when I got angry. I used to hold onto that anger  and resentment so I could feel powerful and in control of my life. It isn’t real. It just feels that way in the moment.
It’s very exhausting and actually burns your power.
Anger is a message from your soul that something feels heavy and too much of a struggle.

It is so easy to point a finger at others and get angry about what someone is or isn’t doing for us!
Well remember when you are pointing at them with your index finger, 3 other fingers are pointing back at you.
Anger is always something we are upset about related to ourselves. We get angry when we didn’t set our boundaries.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Where am I blocking the progress of this situation?
2) What pattern is being triggered that prevents me from speaking my truth?
3) What is my soul trying to tell me?

If we dealt with the thing that angers us in the moment by speaking our truth it would resolve the issue and we could go on with our life.  It’s that easy.

So then why don’t we do it? Some people are afraid to speak their truth for fear of not being loved. Others have a fear of rejection or not belonging. Others feel it might be hurtful.
So we choose to hurt ourselves instead of standing for ourselves.
If you have a fear of speaking out, it is triggering a past experience in your energy field. An experience where you did speak your truth and something bad happened. This trigger stops you in your tracks. That’s why it makes it hard to speak your truth!
This can be cleared through Energy Therapy.

Holding onto anger is YOU
actually giving your power to someone else!
Let’s take back our power and use this anger
to make changes to improve our lives.
Sometimes we need to see an energy therapist in order to see the bigger picture and clear what is in the way and learn how to get comfortable setting our boundaries so
we can feel incredibly empowered.
So let’s clear those old stories from our energy field so we can be free to speak our truth and set our boundaries.

Here are 5 Steps to Transform
Anger to Empowerment!


1) Be aware that your soul is triggered by anger

2) Stop and take a deep breath.

3) Check in on what you need to do or say or clear?

4) Take action and speak your truth with love.

5) Feel the freedom and empowerment energy within you.

Now that’s the power you want to feel!


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