Sound Healing


The Language of your Heart.

Light Language is channeled and is a multi-dimensional stream of information. It is not limited to linear time and may be a language stream from the past, present, or future.

It may be of angelic origin, galactic, elemental, or Earth origin.

It is called the Language of Light because it automatically fires creation memories, or blueprint neurons in the physical system of the brain, which transmits information to the body. Through the filter of your Higher Self, the encodements are activated for your best needs in the moment.

Similar to the way instrumental music transmits a soul-stirring message without words, light language is a vibration that bypasses the logical human mind and allows communication from the soul and heart.

A form of sound therapy, the language of light carries a vibration that accesses higher frequency bands.

Because the human agenda is not attached to the syllables, tones, pulses, clicks, and sounds, we can trust that what is transmitted is exactly what is needed for each individual.

Each time you interact with light language, you receive a new healing because your energy field is different.

The Language of Light is varied because each carries a unique signature of galactic, angelic and elemental energies.

Benefits of experiencing Light Language

  • Re calibrate and Reconnect to your divine potential
  • Connect to your Higher Self and I AM Presence
  • Activate your DNA to restore your Divine Blueprint
  • Clear your unconscious blocks and limiting emotional patterns
  • Accelerate your spiritual awakening and enhance your intuition
  • Remember your Spiritual Gifts and Soul Purpose
  • Expand into the awareness of your multidimensional Self

Light Language restores your divine blueprint.

  • It Unlocks codes within you that are ready to be awakened creating new awareness's  and ancient memories of your divine nature and heritage.
  • These codes open you to accessing your akashic records and ancient lineage held in your DNA.
  • It is life changing to remember your previous incarnations, your soul gifts and your divine purpose, as well as attributes, qualities and memories of your wholeness.

You are re-calibrated to energy patterns of Divine Love and Oneness.

Your divine soul blueprints and enhanced capabilities are activated as you are attuned to your Soul's essence and Divine Source. 

  • It is a powerful and transformative divine language which is meant to by pass your mind.
  • It is the most sacred energy unique to you, bringing you exactly what you need in every moment.
  • In your heart and cells, you are very fluent in this frequency or language as it is the primary form of communication throughout all of God’s creation and it feels like coming home.
  • You need not understand or feel it for it for it to be  effective.
  • It is a very pure form of channeling,  Your Higher Self guides the work, according to your needs and divine timing, it is always appropriate and perfect for you.

This divine language can only be accessed through the vibration of Love.

  • As such, everything you need is present in the moment you receive it.
  • You will integrate what you are ready for leaving the rest available in your light field like a savings account to draw from when you are ready.

Sessions are done by skype and recorded as an mp3 and provided for you to re-listen.

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