Soul Café

All New Soul Café Online on Zoom!

Make new soul connections.  Have real and open conversations.

In the comfort of your own home join a group of extraordinary people on a spiritual journey to

Expand your vision and ground your mission.

Move forward in your life knowing your contribution matters
and get support to create a life with meaning.

Experience a  channeled message and light language
to connect with your soul at a deeper level.

Next  Meeting Wednesday, Feb 28th, 2018 at 12:00noon

" Your Soul is your Boundary"

Classes will be recorded so if you miss one it will be sent to you for listening at your convenience.

Soul Café Subscription Plan Available and Save Money!

Cost is $25.00 for One Class

Buy a 6 month subscription and get one class free!!

Cost $125.00 for 6 Classes

Buy a 12 month subscription and get 3 classes free!

Cost is $225.00 for 12 Classes

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4th Wednesday of each Month  accept December (3rd Wednesday)

Feb 28th 12:00 noon , March 28th 12:00 noon , April 25th 12:00 noon,

May 23rd 12:00 noon, Jun 27th 12:00 noon, Jul 25th 12 noon, August 22 12:00 noon,

Sep 26th 12:00noon, Oct 24th, 12:00noon, Nov 28th 12:00 noon, Dec 19th 12:00 noon


Soul Café in Person

Men and women professionals join us for a delicious brunch.

Make new soul connections.

Have real and open conversations.
We welcome you to have a new collaborative experience.

Connect with other like minded people
who have a heart-centered business strategy in mind.

The topic is

" Your Soul is your Boundary"

 Thursday February 22nd, 2018

11:30am - 1:00pm


1971 Saint Joseph Boulevard | Ottawa, ON K1C 1E5

You are responsible for the cost of your meal.

Please register so we can make reservations at the restaurant for your spot.