When I moved to Ottawa in July 2015, one of my highest priorities was to find an excellent and experienced healer for myself and my clients. I was referred to Angelika by a new business contact and immediately knew that she was the powerful practitioner I was looking for. Angelika is both gentle and strong at the same time. She skillfully and intuitively employs a wide range of modalities to suit the needs of her client in that moment. While I have personally found Angelika to be a wonderful healer, the most profound experience has been observing the shift in my clients after working with her. The combination of healing and coaching is a powerful one indeed and I look forward to continuing our partnership of helping people create extraordinary and heart-centred results in their lives.

Sally Guest, High Performance Coach, Evolved Living, Ottawa, ON,

I had been an IET® Master Instructor for a number of years and taught a few classes but never felt confident enough to teach and certify new practitioners until I took Angelika’s “How to Teach IET®” class. With Angelika’s graceful style, patience and abundance of knowledge and expertise I left the class feeling very confident. I now teach IET® on a regular basis thanks to Angelika.


Diane Marie Giles Sacred Healer Reclaim Your Castle,

Taking the Bars Body Processes with Angelika was a very transformative process for me. I have worked with many healing modalities over the past few years and recognize the special gift in each of them. The Body Processes were very powerful in their ability to remove blocks and trauma so easily and effortlessly. I was amazed at how instantly connected I felt to these processes and the immediate sense of well-being that they provided. Angelika is a very gifted healer and teacher and it shows in her ability to easily connect with her students and participants. She creates an environment of ease and comfort where you feel safe and welcome to share your journey with those around you. I would highly recommend taking the Body Processes classes to anyone looking for a greater depth on their healing journey whether for their own personal use or to use with clients.


Catherine Hull, Self-Care & Wellness Coach, Ottawa, ON,

I left my two days taking the 7 Steps to Transformation feeling lighter and having a better sense of self. The steps were an amazing opportunity for self-reflection, healing and finding quiet and peace within myself and in my mind. I highly recommend taking this journey with Angelika


Lara Wellman, Ottawa, ON, Social media strategist & Coach