How does energy therapy work?

We are energy. Energy surrounds our physical bodies in layers and runs through us in pathways that form the foundation for our health. Like oxygen and blood, energy needs to flow through the body in order to create optimal health. Sometimes these energy fields or paths are blocked. Using heightened intuitive sensitivity, the energy practitioner will act as a conduit or channel for energy from the universe (God), angels or guides to the client. This will help the body clear away any blocks and restore its flow. The practitioner uses a heart-centered, focused intention for the client's highest good. The body is designed to heal itself and proper energy flow can jumpstart that process.

How do I know which techniques are right for me?

The good news is you don’t need to know. If you did you wouldn’t need my expertise. When we sit down and you share your story with me, I listen from an intuitive place to hear the guidance for what you would most need and what techniques would help you in getting there. Each session is different. It is all based on where you are and what you most need that day. It’s that simple…

What does a session look like?

Basically, We sit down and talk for about half an hour about where you feel stuck or what ailments you have; together we look at new perceptions and set an intention for your healing. Then you get onto a massage table on your back with your clothes on and you relax while I use my hands to touch the body and work in the aura of the body to shift the energies to realign and balance you. If required after all the chakras are balanced I go deeper with you to clear any past life experiences related to your issues and then we seal it all off with a technique called the bars which is working on the brain to restructure it into alignment with the shifts we made in the energy body. It’s so that whatever we have done creates a sustainable result! How can it get any better than that?

Why would I contemplate having an energy session?

If you are feeling tired, worn out or depressed. A session would be good for you. If you are feeling stuck and need help, a session would be good for you. If you are continually repeating patterns that don’t really bring you the joy you are looking for in life, a session would be good for you. If you are dealing with any kind of disease an energy session would be good for you. If you are reacting to life with fear or anger an energy session would be good for you. If you have no self-confidence an energy session would be good for you. These are a few amongst many other reasons… When the downs of life happen… get an energy session.

What do I need to do to prepare for the session?

Just make the appointment and bring your beautiful self with you. That’s it!

Are there immediate benefits following an energy session?

Yes always because your chakras have been opened and balanced and the energy is flowing to all the parts of your body especially to the parts that need healing. Most people feel much lighter and more joyful after a session.

Do I have to believe it will work?

No, you only need be open to giving it a try. If it is new to you then like anything, you won’t know until you try it. I always suggest to newcomers to book a session and then you will know if it resonates with you or not based on how you feel afterwards.

What will I feel in a session?

Certainly, everyone is different. You will usually experience deep relaxation which will begin a self-healing process in your body. You may feel heat or tingling, whether it is at the site where hands are placed or elsewhere in the body. The energy moves where it needs to. Sometimes the relaxation will give in to a sort of "floating" feeling. This is a good thing and should be enjoyed. Your heightened relaxation will increase the benefits to your body.

How often should I schedule a session?

It certainly varies from person to person depending on what you are dealing with. If you are in crisis it is often good to come for a session once a week until you get back into a more grounded and stronger state. Generally, I have found that 2 weeks between sessions is a good integration time. Monthly sessions are nice as a preventative for maintaining your energies once you have worked through some of your major issues.
Healing Touch is great for pre and post-surgery, especially for promoting quick healing of surgical sites and clearing both the physical body and energy body from the effects of anesthesia.

Why do practitioners use a pendulum?

The pendulum is a tool, much like a dowsing rod used to detect water underground. It lets us know if the chakras are open and flowing or if they are blocked. It is a form of 'applied kinesiology', which uses muscle testing to tap into the bodies wisdom and let us know which techniques would be most beneficial for your body in that particular session.

How is distant healing possible?

The best way to describe how distant healing works is to compare this energetic connection we all have to other transfers of energy, such as satellite or radio waves. The practitioner can use these long distance waves of energy to connect to the client anywhere in the world, the same as a radio frequency is picked up by a radio tuner. Distance is not relevant to the work being done. Energy follows thought and it is sent by focused intent to the client for their highest good. Even though we can’t see the waves of energy most people can feel them. We need to remember that everything is made of energy and that there is a higher universal intelligence guiding the work. For me, this is God, the angels, guides and ascended masters.

Why is the cost the same for a long distance healing as for an in person session?

The time allotted for the session is the same as if you were in person. The practitioner will be going through the motions and processes of an actual session. It's nice for the client to be able to relax at home and be able to continue to rest after the session is complete.

If someone I love needs healing but aren’t open to it, can I still pay for a distance healing without them knowing?

There is something that I refer to as "energy etiquette". In other words, imposing energy is, to me, a personal invasion of privacy and I would not do it. There are exceptions though. If you are the caregiver of this person such as a child or the elderly and they are unable to make the decision on their own, or they are unconscious, I would do the work. This would fall within the “energy etiquette” guidelines.

Is relaxation the same as healing?

Relaxation is the best state in which your body is capable of healing.

Here is how it works.

1.   A relaxed body releases endorphins in the brain.
2.   Endorphins serve to further relax the muscles.
3.   When muscles relax they contract, which allows increased circulation of the blood.
4.   Increased circulation of blood raises the oxygen level in the body.
5.   Elevated oxygen and increased blood circulation allows absorption of nutrients.
6.   As a result, enzymes begin to build.
7.   Now, hormones are regulated.
8.   Toxins are released.
9.   Healthy cell growth is promoted by the release of any toxins.
10. Healthy cells and your body's overall sense of well-being promotes healing.
11. All of these steps automatically regulate the immune system.

Taken from a chart developed by Carol Komitor, founder of Healing Touch for Animals® 

Can Energy Healing cure diseases, including cancer?

There are reported cases where energy healing has brought about miraculous recovery from all kinds of disease. It is important to understand that it is the body that has a natural healing ability in response to the energy work. I also believe that every life has a soul plan. Sometimes the plan is to learn something from the disease and then heal. Sometimes it just may be your time to pass to the other side where it is beautiful and pain free. Whichever it is the healing supports your body in finding peace. As a practitioner, I do not medically diagnose or treat illness. The energy healing is an enhancement to your traditional medical care.

What is an aura?

The aura is a field of energy patterns that surround your body and all living things and is constantly changing according to life circumstances. The aura has seven layers that start outside of the body and move inward.  There are lights and colors associated with the aura and they change dependent on your health, mood, state of mind, etc.

The aura interacts with the earth's atmosphere and a healthy aura filters out and protects you from energy pollutants in the environment as well as vibrations and energies from other people. When we are doing the energy healing and we work on the outside 7th layer, the healing passes through all the other layers and heals right down to the physical body.

Have you ever met or been near someone who makes you feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason? Chances are they are angry, ill or depressed and you are absorbing negative energy from them. On the flip side, someone who radiates positive energy, or "lights up a room" has an aura that is expanded with positive energies and your aura has picked up on it. Generally, ill health or depression can deplete your auric field and collapse it on your body. A healthy auric field is an important key to maintaining physical health.

What are chakras?

chakraChakras are areas on the physical body that act as portals transporting energy to and from the body. The body has seven major chakras and each one is associated with various organs in the body and various levels of spiritual and physical energy. Each chakra is energetically coded with your life history as well as an aspect of your personality. Everything you are is reflected in your chakras.
This chart shows the basic areas of each chakra. As you move up from the base to the crown, the energies and organs associated with the chakras move from physical to spiritual. The heart chakra is the center chakra and is considered the transformational point between the physical and spiritual.
Light and colors also move through each chakra. The colors that are represented are the ones that are often seen and associated with the particular areas, although these change all the time. Colors are vibrations of energy, each holding a different vibration and purpose.
There are also numerous minor chakras on the physical body. They are on the palms of the hands, the feet and in each joint.

In energy medicine, the chakras are a main focus because if the energy is not flowing within the chakras, the associated organs or physical areas suffer. Compare it to your cells not receiving blood or oxygen. The disruption of energy flow to the body can be the forerunner of disease, ill spiritual health and poor life balance. Every malady that affects our physical bodies is often preceded by a disruption in our energy body. All life experiences, including trauma, is held in our energy fields. This is why we always balance the chakras.

Energy work can release and restore balance and health.