Past Life Regression


  • Do you keep repeating the same mistakes in your life, even though you try really hard not to?
  • Do you find that your reactions to certain situations seem over exaggerated but you can’t help yourself?
Usually this means it is a past life issue.

Your past lives hold the key to understanding why this happens and how you can shift it in your present life.

The main purposes of recalling past life experiences are to help you resolve issues that are preventing you from living your life fully in the present.

People carry the residue of previous life episodes in their energy field and it creates their reality. This is something most people don’t even know exists. That’s why we repeat patterns. Our physical lives are limited, but our spiritual lives are not. We carry our unfinished business, unlearned lessons, and unresolved thoughts with us from previous lives to the next, until our work on ourselves is complete.

If pain from the past is not recognized, processed, and ultimately released, the pain continues to affect the way we react to situations in our current lives. The therapeutic benefits of regression can alleviate your physical and emotional pain in the present. This is called heightened awareness.

It affects not only you but those around you. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. It will simply shift the issue you are dealing with so that you can move forward freely.

Past Life Regression is a spiritual journey, one of remembering a life you have lived before and discovering its significant relationship to the life you are living now. You are the summary of all of your past experiences. They have formed your character, your temperament, your abilities and skills, your intelligence, and your relationships.

Simply Angelika facilitates the regression to allow you to go into a deep sense of relaxation in order to visualize your past lives, recalling combinations of experience, memory, thoughts, and feelings. The body shifts when it acknowledges or hears the truth. It simply lets go. It is released. Then we rewrite your story, one that works for you.

Telling the story the way you would have liked the outcome to be. One that puts a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. The funny thing is, the energy body doesn’t know if what you are thinking is real or imagined. It responds to your thoughts. That’s why our thoughts are so important.

If you are experiencing issues in your life that keep repeating themselves related to relationships, money, illness, phobias, depression etc., Angelika can assist you in bridging your past, present, and future by vibrating out the things that don’t serve your life and assisting you in rewriting your story to the life you really want to be living.

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