Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • Our passion is providing energy therapy in order to assist people on their path for wholeness and in discovering that self-love is the power that transforms everything. We create a safe and loving environment to assist our clients in exploring their hearts, their health and their past lives in order to heal and be empowered to lovingly embrace their soul and give birth to a new integrated self. Our mission is to promote an understanding of each person’s place and purpose in humanity’s ever present cosmic connectedness which adds richness, vitality, synchronicity and profound beauty to their existence.
  • Our mission is educate and empower individuals in becoming energy therapy practitioner’s and instructors that function from a heart-centered place to help others to heal and pass on the teachings to their students with ease and grace to spread the healing across the nation and help create a loving and consciousness world.
  • Our mission is in living the concepts and tools that we teach. Our passion is to share with you the ways that we have achieved self-love, soul integration, wholeness and wellness which we have discovered along our journey to abundance.


Our Vision:

  • Our Vision is a world in which all of us live in peace and harmony fully present in our own bodies, aligned with our lives and always living in the question of new possibilities.
  • Our vision is a world in which we approach our relationships with honor and integrity while always maintaining the essence of our true selves.
  • Our vision is a world in which all of us live in harmony with our spiritual nature, and serve our community living our purpose and passion for life.
  • Our vision is a world in which we see full integration of Conventional Medicine with Energy medicine and coverage for all to have a well-rounded health care system.