Money Magnet

Become a Money Magnet for your Success!

Clear any subconscious limiting beliefs that you carry around your beliefs about money.

Create new positive beliefs around the energy of money and the possibility money creates whether it is for your own families benefit to learn and grow and be well taken care of or to share money to support others who are less fortunate!

Learn tips to expand your influence and vibrate the energy of success.

  • Lighten your load by releasing old limiting beliefs about money.
  • Re-position your perception about yourself and your business around money.
  • Consciously choose and embrace your new and true beliefs about money.
  • Once you shift your mind, your energy shifts and you become a money magnet!!

As a therapist, Angelika has worked with hundreds of leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, managers and trainers to help them find their old beliefs and repeat patterns they had been functioning from that kept them stuck and kept them from being truly successful.

Angelika will share some success stories that her clients have had.

What is a limiting subconscious belief?   My family always told me “You will never amount to anything in life because you are so stupid” That’s a belief taken on from my family.. I accepted it because I didn’t know any better.  It kept me small. It robbed me of my confidence. But was it true? No…

So once I became conscious, I released the old beliefs from my energy field that weren’t even mine and got a new perspective on what I truly believed. I understood that my family didn’t understand me and that I was a vison thinker and ahead of my time. I understood that I was intuitive and a leader.

I created the new belief, that I am wise beyond my years and that if I follow my intuition it will always lead me to great success even if others don’t understand.

My new belief and intentional thought began vibrating success energy and my dreams began to come into existence. It is that simple!

When you are in alignment with your purpose and passion money just flows.

The universe conspires in your favor. It’s the universal law.

I wish this for all of you…..

Please join Angelika, Certified IET Practitioner, Instructor and Trainer who will share her wisdom and expertise with all of you.

Become a Money Magnet Today!

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10:00am - 4:00pm

$145.00 + taxes