Higher Steps to Transformation



Angel Grid Healing

  • Clear the resistance you have to receiving love.
  • Be imprinted with the energy of empowerment.

Pure Joy

  • Add a layer of pure joy to the World Angel Grid with the cherubs.
  • Access pure joy as many times as you like in your life.


  • Learn the new “Angel Wash” Process.
  • Experience Angel Ariel's “Heartseed” Process.
  • Let compassion bloom brilliantly in your life.
  • Travel inter-dimensionally into the “Dimension of Love”.


  • Discover your special healing and empowerment colors.
  • Create a safe and powerful inner sanctuary.
  • Experience the energy that unifies all life.
  • Discover your true spiritual self.

Unity in Action

  • Move into the crystalline vibration.
  • Journey to the highest angelic realms.
  • Create your own personal crystal key.
  • Unlock your heart’s code and become unity in action.


  • Create a new energy center called a "Heart Star".
  • Merge your Earth Star with your Soul Star to align with the Unity Wave.
  • Create the optimal energetic vibration for you to experience Ascension.

Being Love

  • Experience divine surrender.
  • Feel yourself in harmony with the universe.
  • Live love

Join us for the entire series of 7 transformational processes!

No prerequisite.   Everyone is welcome!

Learn the mudras to reactivate these energies in your life!

Entire series  $280.00 + tax


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