Good Communication Skills

Real Communication
reveals your true inner state.
In other words, speaking from the core
of your being creates magic in your life.

Communication is expressed through your throat chakra.
Your unique communication skills and self-expression
are developed between the ages of 7 and 12.
We learn to communicate by using language,
seeing it modeled around us and seeing how its power
can be used to listen and respond to the needs in our life.
Like learning to ride a bike it becomes an invaluable tool
in our personal lives as well as our careers
and it makes us  feel capable and confident.

All action is communication –
so when we try to keep a secret we censor
everything that comes out of our mouth, our body,
our eyes and our facial expression.
We must separate from our bodies in order to do this.

Your communication comes from your expression,
your tone of voice, your eyes and your body language.
Remember your emotions are connected with your voice.
This means that your authenticity vibrates through your voice.
Also when we are authentic we glow, and feel vibrant.

Also another aspect of communication is listening.
One of the most profound human needs in life
is the need to be heard.
When this simple need is met by attentive,
empathetic listening, we feel complete.
The need to be heard validates our truth,
our individuality and our very existence.
If we are not heard, we feel that we don't exist
in anything but our own minds.
We feel doubtful of our own inner voice and of our reality.
Being heard is often more important than finding a solution.

This simple practice of listening can go a long way
toward healing situations and facilitating good communication
which is essential in all aspects of our lives.

If a child feels secure in his or her relationships,
then he/she is more likely to feel secure enough
to speak his/her truth and experiment creatively.
He or she can test their ideas from a place
of reasoning and imagination.
He or she can say she would like to do something
before she actually does it.
With building blocks of language and relationship in place,
our mental capacity now expands!!

So what if you didn’t have this experience as a child?
What happens if you have excess energy
or deficient energy in your throat chakra?

A person with Excess Energy in the throat chakra
controls the conversation, the subject matter,
and the rhythm so as to be the center of attention.
There is much talk with little real content.

A person with a Deficiency of Energy in the throat chakra
usually is very quiet person who has a lot to say but can’t say it.
They are in fear. What will people think of me?
The person is afraid to speak in case they say something wrong.
The person separates from the chorus of life.
It creates a block in the discharge of energy,
creating a situation in which the input exceeds the output.
This difference is experienced as stress.
Are you challenged by speaking your truth?
If you speak your truth with love behind it
you are free and you will feel respected and loved
by yourself and others.
If you are not loving yourself, how can you love another?

Are you willing to honor yourself?

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