Flower of Life

      Graceful Soul Expansion

A complete process into wholeness.

Ascend to new heights while
building your very own
“Flower of Life” Mandala
in wood
(18inches in Diameter)

Experience the magic of the pattern of all of creation.
Your DNA is based on sacred geometry
making each one of you a holographic microcosm.
Receive insights while in creation mode.

Process deep emotions and experience your spiritual gifts.

Once completed take this art piece home with you and
Hang this Sacred Geometry in your home
to a create a continual flow of universal energies of love and healing.

Saturday Feb 24th, 2018

The Promenades Retirement Residence
110 Rossignol Dr., Orleans, ON K4A ON2

Investment $399.00 + taxes (Lunch included)

$50.00 deposit required to hold your space.

Open to 8 individuals

Facilitated by Angelika Niedling, HTCP, IET Certified Therapist and Spiritual Guide




I knew before the workshop started that it would be the backdrop for great opening and awakening. The entire day flowed and while there were many moments of deep emotion and significance, there were also many moments of fun, laughter and inspired joyfulness.
The workshop unfolded with absolute consideration, respect and support for each individual.
The Flower of Life that I took home with me is a living sacred tool that symbolizes the deep learning's of that special day.
Grace, Ottawa, ON

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