Emotional Intelligence

  • Are you feeling 'overwhelmed', anxiety or depressed?
  • Are you feeling unhappy with your life or in your relationships?
  • Are you being victimized by people or situations in your world?

If yes, Let's chat and discover how Angelika can help you move beyond that.

It may be much easier than you think.

With the assistance of a professional therapist it’s really simple!

Angelika facilitates relief by using Integrated Energy Therapy® to clear any old emotions that have accumulated in your body and energy field and are now blocking the natural flow of energy. This is caused by emotions that have not been processed.

The emotions that we suppress are the ones that are more than our energy field can handle at the time of the event or they are stuffed if we don’t allow ourselves to feel them.

Over time, the result can be pure exhaustion, a heavy feeling, depression, overwhelm, unable to think clearly and at its worst possible anxiety attacks.

It's a known fact that our life experiences create emotions. Negative experiences create anger, fear, guilt, resentments, distrust, sadness etc.

Positive experiences create harmony, peace, love, joy, ease, etc.

Ideally we want to be able to experience more positive, however, if our energy field is filled to overflowing with the negative energies it will be nearly impossible to even allow the positive in!

Over the course of our lives we accumulate an incredible amount of suppressed emotions, even those from past lives that we brought with us when we were born. This is why regular clearing is very beneficial.

Through the releasing of these blocks:

  • you will begin to feel lighter, energized and a joyful vitality for life.
  • you will be more self-empowered and spiritually connected and able to move through life more easily.
  • you will have space for the positive emotions to exist within you.

During an IET® session, the suppressed emotions are released through very gentle, acupressure like points. This happens very naturally and easily without the person having to feel or remember the events.

It is very gentle and effective.

Let me give you an example.

Let's say that a person has a pattern of attracting abusive relationships into their lives over and over again.

This is what we call a repeat pattern.

They would really love a healthy relationship, and they keep trying to create one by switching partners. In their mind they have set the intention to attract a healthy one. BUT - their energy field is full of “victim energy” (attracting a perpetrator) The universal law is like attracts like. This is where IET® comes in. We can release the victim energy from your energy field and replace it with positive vibes so you attract healthy relationships that have your best interest at heart.

Therefore, we will begin to experience supportive people, soulmates and soul buddy relationships, etc., in our lives. Not to mention life becomes easier and more synchronistic.

  • Would you like to feel like yourself again?
  • Would you like to experience a joyful, fulfilling life?
  • Would you like to be at peace and at home in this world?

Everyone needs clearing at some point in their life. That’s just life.

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