Answer the call for change. Be true to yourself.

  • If you are feeling stuck, it’s your heart that’s calling for change.
  • If you are feeling heavy and sad, your body is crying out for change.
  • If you desire to create a legacy, your purpose is calling you.

My greatest wish for you is to listen to your soul when its screaming at you “We can`t live this way anymore!” My wish is that you listen to your heart without allowing “the voice in your head” to say “you don’t deserve it” or “you don’t know how” or “you don’t have the money” Your energy body holds the intelligence of you and it’s trying to talk to you. We all hear it but often ignore it. It just seems easier to stay with the status quo. It’s not really true and in time it catches up with you.

So allow yourself to ask the question “What else is possible for me and my life?”

Here are the steps to assist:

  • Listen to the whispers of your heart’s desires.
  • Ask the question “how” and know you can’t do it alone. No one can.
  • Find a professional therapist who can help you navigate your way to where you want to be.

It will make your transition easy and simple.

When you do listen, you hear the song of your body wisdom and you release your cells from the prison they have been living in. You make the shift and you begin vibrating at a new level allowing you the true feeling of aliveness once again. Tuning in to your body is crucial for a vibrant existence. Your body is always communicating with you and if you drop into your heart space, you will be able to hear what it is trying to tell you.

Your heart is intelligent and it knows what is perfect and right for you. Allow yourself to feel your emotions in your body and find the message it is giving you, allow the old energy to be released and replaced with the positive energy you want to attract.

  • Discover how fundamentally lovable you are.
  • Be empowered to create the life you desire.
  • Expand into a richer experience of life.

Angelika is your guide to connecting, releasing and integrating. Angelika’s approach is simple, relaxing and energizing.

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