The Bars


“All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory”

The Bars are 32 points on the head that when touched in a series of patterns unlocks the places of limitation, and brings clarity to where you are choosing to have no choice. Experiencing these sessions unlocks us from our conditioning and the limitations of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Basically The Bars is like the hard drive on your computer. What it does is delete the files from your past that are blocking you from living life with ease, joy and glory. It does not erase our memories; it just takes away the emotional charge of the experience. Access invites you to ask what else is possible. This question opens you up to infinite possibilities, unlimited choices and an expansive life.

Anyone can learn to run The Bars, no matter what age.

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Saturday, Nov 26, 2016

9:30am - 5:00pm
103 Rue Des Parulines
Gatineau, QC

Register with Angelika, Bars Facilitator - 613-866-1763

repeaters half price

What People Say About Us

Every time I experience a bars session I have a feeling of wellness and a great release of pain which lasts for almost a week after the session. My mind is clearer and I can relax more easily. This state of mind helps me to improve my health in general. I see a lot of improvement with my health and these treatments are part of my healing process. I am so very grateful for the assistance of Angelika and also for the benefits from this healing process.

Thank you
-C. P. Gatineau, QC

the bars