Monthly Archives: January 2015

Good Communication Skills

Real Communication reveals your true inner state. In other words, speaking from the core of your being creates magic in your life. Communication is expressed through your throat chakra. Your unique communication skills and self-expression are developed between the ages of 7 and 12. We learn to communicate by using language, seeing it modeled around…
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Transforming Anger into Empowerment

Every one of us has experienced anger at some point in our lives. It is a very natural and important emotion and yet so many of us try to suppress it. Why is that? Most of us have been taught that it just isn’t socially acceptable to be angry. If we expressed it in a healthy way…
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Are you emotionally anorexic?

We know that when someone is anorexic, they deprive their physical body of food and nourishment. When someone is emotionally anorexic, they deprive themselves of feeling their life experiences or emotions. More people do this than we might think! Many of us have been trained to function from our logical mind no matter what our gut…
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