Monthly Archives: November 2013

Lovingly Embracing All the Aspects of You

I would like to dedicate this newsletter in honour of Debbie Ford who left this physical earth to rise up and be with the angels. She was and is a true inspiration to me. Debbie began her healing path by seeking answers in order to heal her own addiction. She understood that there was a mind,…
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The Courage to Be Myself

I have the courage to embrace my strengths Get excited about life Enjoy giving and receiving love Face and transform my fears Ask for help and support when I need it Spring free of the Superwoman Trap Trust myself Make my own decisions and choices Befriend myself Complete unfinished business Realize that I have emotional…
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How Do You Know When You have found your Purpose?

Everything you have experienced in your life has been preparing you to live your soul’s purpose. All the disappointments, regrets, failures and mistakes have been teaching you the lessons your soul needed to learn in order to be who you are being called to be. When you go off course, you will be redirected. If…
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