Monthly Archives: March 2011

Reclaim Your Power

When you make peace with yourself then you spontaneously make peace with the world. Peace comes when you stop pretending to be something other than your true self. Your shadow holds the essence of who you are. Imagine the parts that you may have rejected are your most treasured gifts. It takes compassion  to own…
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Dancing with the Flow of Life

If you wish to go dancing and you don’t know how, the first thought is to take  lessons to learn the steps.  Or we may just decide to go and learn along the way. In any case, we begin to learn the steps... In life, the dance steps are comparable to knowing ourselves. We must…
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Selling Begins with You

Where did your journey begin? It probably began with something you were passionate about in your mind.. Right? You probably visualized what it would look like and then took action to make it happen...... selling yourself or your idea which is an extension of you. So you connected with the universal energies to empower yourself…
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